Timeline – test

A quick test of a timeline of Nordic events

Nordic timeline

15 May, 1969

First meeting

First meeting in Huddinge
26 Jul, 2015

Nordtreff 2015

Location: Vassarö, Sweden


18 Sep, 2015


Location: Romsåsen Mines, Askim, Norway


Participants on NLT15

20 Sep, 2018

NLT 18

NLT 18

Theme this year was “Include all”
Location: xxx, Finland

01 Jul, 2019

Nordtreffi 2019

Nordtreffi 2019

This year we met up at Evo in Finland for Nordtreffi.

In Finland we had a lot of good activities and a lot of time to play cards and get to know new friends. The campsite was the same site at the National jamboree in 2013, in 2013 there were 17000 scouts there, this year we were 240 so there are a lot of space.

The weather was good ish, and there were a lot of mosquitoes.

20 Sep, 2019

NLT 19

This year’s Leader Training we are going to stay at Askim Museum, almost in the centre of Askim.

The theme for this year is “it’s all fun and games”. That means that we are going to play a lot of games together. The plan is to try to make a booklet with Nordic games we can play together with our Scouts. We also plan to make several scout board games.

It is possible to have a look at the place for the next national jamboree in Norway and we have also plans to go and have a bath in a swimming hall, with a several saunas 🙂

Of course there will also be a lot of time to socialise and meet old friends and make new ones.