Nordic committee

The nordic committee is the “governing” group of Nordtreff. It consists of 1 to 2 persons from each country. There are a “nordic meeting” each time we meet. We talk about past, current and future events and agrees on themes and other things. There should always be two persons from each country on these meetings, so sometimes – when one of the nordic contacts is unavailable – other will step in.

The nordic committee members are the contact for their country, and all communication and info should go to your local contact person.

The Nordic committee consist of the following people:

Finland: Ella-Maria Räsänen

Denmark: Christian Asbjørn Andersen and Lotte Trøjgaard Jepsen

Sweden: Josefin and Malin Fredriksson

Norway: Michael Zetterlund and Øystein Bøhler

When we remember, we take a selfie at the end of the meetings.