Results Cyber 4-kamp 2024

Here are the results for the cyber 4-kamp 2024. The maximum amount of points is 360. The diplomas can be found here. Scouts: Patrol Space Scout Camps Winter Olympics Star Wars vs. Star Trek Total Teodors Patrulje 85 73 77 80 315 Skyggevandrene 85 74 62 84 305 […]

Patrols, tasks and registered times C4k 2024

Here you can follow the progress of the other patrols. It will be updated after each patrol has delivered their task. It can take up to 30 minutes for the sheet to be updated

Registered patrols

Here you find a list over the registered patrols. It can take up 30 minutes for the sheet to be updated.

Cyber 4-kamp 27. January 2024

This year we will not be using the 4-kamp homepage. Instead the competition will be based on e-mail, so each patrol needs access to an e-mail address. Otherwise the rules will follow the known rules as seen on / The registration will be conducted by sending an […]