Cyber 4-kamp 27. January 2024

This year we will not be using the 4-kamp homepage. Instead the competition will be based on e-mail, so each patrol needs access to an e-mail address. Otherwise the rules will follow the known rules as seen on /

The registration will be conducted by sending an email to containing:
– Your patrol name
– The name and country of your scout group
– The name and age of each patrol participant
– A photo of your patrol taken on the day of registration. Failure to provide a
picture will disqualify the patrol!
– Put your patrol name in square brackets [ ] first in the subject field.

After sending your registration e-mail, you will receive further instructions (though not earlier than 27. January 10:00 CET).

The competition will close 18:00 CET.

Special equipment: There is no need for any other equipment than something to draw on and with, or other thing to illustrate different tasks with.

Results will be published on Saturday 23:55 CET at the latest.

You can chat with us on the facebook event:

Example of an registration mail:

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