NP5K in Norway 20-22. may 2022

Welcome to this year’s Nordic 5-kamp 20-22 May. We will stay at our scout house and the surrounding area in Askim

Schedule for the weekend:

As usual for Friday, you arrive at different times, so the plan is just getting to know one another and settling in. We will serve a hot meal this evening. We will be at our scouthouse from 18:30. If you plan to arrive before that, let us know and we will figure something out.

On Saturday morning the 5-kamp for the scouts will start, the competition will have the usual disciplines – fire, orienteering, knots, first aid and secret/handicraft.

In the evening we will have a «Leader 5-kamp» for the leaders of each country. We want the competing scouts from each country to make ONE (per country) task /challenge for the leaders. The task/challenge should take no longer than 10 minutes and should yield between 0 and 20 points. The scouts from each country will be responsible for the task during the «Leader 5-kamp». Please send me (Øystein) plans for the tasks/challenge before 17. May. I can also help with equipment etc. needed for the task.

After dinner on Saturday we will have a campfire, we have also invited scouts from our neighboring groups and other scouts from Askim. This is so that they also can expirience some of our Nordic friendship.

On Sunday there will be some activites before we announce the winners, say goodbye and travel home. The last planned meal is lunch around 12:00.

As you see there will be a lot of time to mingle, talk with old friends and make new ones.


Please let us know how you will travel and when you expect to arrive before 17. mai.

By car: The address is Tornerudveien 32, Askim (UTM 32V 621170 E, 6607250 N).

By plane and train: Use to order tickets to Askim Stasjon. Vy is much cheaper than the airport express train to Oslo. You should buy tickes online or on an ticket machine at the station as there is an extra cost when buying on the train. We will pick you up at the station when you arrive.

By boat: Arrive in Oslo, take the train from Oslo Sentral station to Askim Stasjon, we will pick you at the station. If you travel by boat all the way to Askim, moore your boat at Askim Harbor (UTM 32V 621836 E, 6613172 N) we will pick you up at the pier.

What to bring:

You will need standard scounting equipment and clothes for beeing outside for a weekend in all weather condtions. We will have tents for you to sleep in so you need a sleepingbag and matress. If any of you need we can arrange for you to sleep on a cot inside. There are SOME trees avaliable to hang a hammocks. Remember to bring a flashlight and waterbottle aswell. And of course: Your scout uniform and nordic badge (if you have one)


Please send an email to or call Øystein at +4791550554 if you have any questions before or during the weekend.

Signup: Contact your local Nordic contact to signup for NP5K.

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