“Homework” and packinglist for NLT19

This year it’s all about fun and games. We want to make a leaflet of Nordic games we can play with our scouts. To make this, we need inputs from you. Your input will also help us with setting up the patrols for the weekend. We will “Playtest” some of the games on the NLT weekend

Please write a quick explanation for your game – in English – in this sheet: https://bit.ly/NLT-GAME we would like it very much if it is done by 16. september.

Packinglist – what to bring

We will be sleeping outside in tents. We have some, but if any of you can bring your own – if possible – it would be very nice. There are some trees there, so it is possible to hang hammocks – please bring “treehuggers” to protect the trees. Please tell your nordic representative if you are planning this. We can also fix beds indoors for those who needs this.

We will be outside all of the weekend so remember to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. (https://www.yr.no/place/Norway/%C3%98stfold/Askim/Askim~61974/). 

It will be possible to use Askims indoor / outdoor waterpark (with “saunas”) on saturday, so remember to bring equipment for that as well.

And as allways: A coffee mug and a water bottle is allways smart to bring. 

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