Dear scout friends in Askim, Lyngby, Vantaa and Huddinge. We are happy to present #NLT17SE - "Together Around the Fire"


We invite you to the beautiful nature at Björksättra next to our home in Huddinge where we come together to inspire each other.

September 22 to 24 is the dates to save for this Nordic Leader Training in Huddinge. We begin NLT the evening of 22/9 and planning to be finished around lunch time of 24/9.

Be prepared to register when your Nordic representative inform you to do so because each country only have 20 spots, initial response indicates that the Norwegian and Danish spots will fill up very quickly.

Information about registration dates etc. for the different countries as well as more information about the weekend can be obtained from your Nordic representative as soon as this is ready. To keep yourself up to date you can also check in on the event on Facebook.


homesickThere is a little bit of homework to do for everyone going to NLT15. We know that you have a lot of experience in scouting and taking kids on overnight trips, hikes and summer camp. We would like for you to tell about your best tips/advice to use when something is not 100% well. This could be:

  • What to do when someone is homesick
  • What to do when the patrol doesn't cooperate well (enough)
  • How to improve motivation
  • How to improve patrol spirits
  • What to do if someone is left outside the group
  • and much more

The "homework" will be presented during NLT15, and you should be prepared to share your advice when asked to. Presentation will be for a smaller part of the group. It could be in the form of a story, playing a (quick) game or showing something you have brought with you. Good luck and "be prepared"!


patrolThe next Nordic Leaders Training (NLT) will be on September 18th to 20th in Askim, Norway. The theme fr NLT15 is "team" and "teamspirit" all in the spirit of Baden Powell who once stated "The patrol method isn't one way to run a troop. It's the only way."

NLT15 will be in Askim and the mines of Romsåsen ( We will sleep and do all activities outdoors, so bring proper clothing. Only personal equipment, including eating utensils, is needed. Askim will provide for everything else (tents, food, cooking equipement...).

Our strong recommendation is that everyone plans travel so that you arrive on Friday night. This ensures that we get the best use of Saturday. Departure from Askim no earlier than 14:00 on Sunday if possible.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions! More information will be posted here on and in the Nordtreff Facebook group (

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Nordic Leadertraining (NLT) is a yearly event for older scouts (+15) and leaders from all of our friendship towns. The very fist NLT was arranged by Huddinge in 1971 and it has since alternated between our 4 friendship towns. The general rule is that a maximum of 20 participants can come from each country.

NLT is a mix of formal training, sharing of experiences, introduction to scouting in our respective countries, teambuilding and foremost - getting to know our Nordic scoutfriends better! Participation is free (with the exception for travel) for all guests as the expenses are paid by the hosting town. The language is local + English to make sure everyone understands as much as possible. Traditionally NLT is arranged one of the last weekends in September and the exact date is set by the Nordic Committee.

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