Cyber 4-kamp is an online competition between scouts and oldboys (scouts 15+ and and leaders). The competition is created and hosted by Robin Theander, who also developed the webpage where it all happens.

The first "ever" online 4-kamp was created as a replacement for the NP5K in 2004. The online competition was very popular amongst the competitors and became a permanent Nordic activity from 2007 and onwards. Most of the Nordic friendship towns now use this as the qualification to participate in the yearly Nordic Patrol 5-Kamp.

Cyber 4-kamp is made up of 4 disciplines or "themes". All of these themes are renewed each year and can be inspired by nature, scouting, current trends - just about everything you can imagine. Recent examples are Lego, Selfies, Harry Potter, Nordtreff camp and much much more.

Each discipline must be solved in 60 minutes (or less) after it is opened for the first time. It consists of 10 questions - some are simply multiple choice questions, and others require a lot of creativity and team work from the patrols.

Check out the webpages and see who won this year, or the Hall of fame with the winners all the way back to 2004.

Snake from Askim in C4K 2007The Snake patrol from Askim - winner of C4K in 2007, 2008 and 2009

Pictures of the participating patrols in C4K 2015